HCP Anywhere File Sync and Share Java SDK

The HCP Anywhere File Sync and Share API is an API for connecting to HCP Anywhere. This Java SDK provides convenient access to the HCP Anywhere FSS API.

In order to make calls to the sub APIs, you must acquire an AuthToken. An AuthToken can be acquired from the server by calling the authenticate method, which requires you to provide the username and password or certificate you use to access HCP Anywhere. The returned AuthToken can be saved for later use.

Once an AuthToken is acquired, you can make calls to the sub APIs by supplying the token and any other required arguments of the sub APIs.


Javadoc is available as a JAR via Maven Central or via github.

File Sync and Share API documentation is available from the HCP Anywhere Management Console or via github


AnywhereAPI api = new AnywhereAPI.Builder("https://myanywhere.example.com/").build();
AuthToken authToken = api.authenticate("jdoe", "passwd");
User me = api.getUserAPI().getInfo(authToken);

A complete example is provided in the repository under /example.

Using the HCP Anywhere File Sync and Share SDK

The SDK is available at Maven Central.

Maven Pom



dependencies {
    compile 'com.hds.hcpaw:anywhere-fss-sdk:'


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Copyright and License

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